AEN 2016 Presentations have been included on this page from those that agreed.

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Presentations are listed under themes:

Thursday 24 November 2016

Braunack-Mayer, Annette - Are ethical concerns about big data overated? Impresssions from a public health researcher
Crompton, Malcolm - The perfect storm of Big Data capabilities & privacy frameworks
Jackson, Annmaree - Internet Resarch and the implications for ethical research practice
Potts, Sarah - Innovations in a HREC: streamlining with technology

Finch, Brian - Review as Relationship: what do committee responses reveal?
Rohr, Ted - Boundaries between Research Ethics and Integrity
Windsor, Simon - New approaches to Participant Information and Consent Forms (PICF)

Eckstein, Lisa - Moving Forward on Informed Consent Through Multimedia Technology
Horsley, Philomena - The Forgotten Group: Involving disabled people in research
Wyburn, Mary - The Increasing Use of FOI Applications Seeking Disclosure of Information about Research and it's potential impact on HEI Research Review Practices 

Friday 25 November 2016

Smith, James - Reflections on the nexis between ethics and health promotion in the NT: Challenges and Opportunities

The lived experience of a Clinical Trial Liaison Officer
McGrath, Jenny and Voss, Elena
Verelli, Richard

Grinter, Charles - Deciding with Feeling: ethical emotional decision making
Jenkin, Chris - A Clash of Values the ethics of professional practice and the ethics of research
Krastev, Yordanka - A Friendly Face: Ethics Clinics at UTS
Stringer, Glynn - Knowing More but Asking Less: Supporting Researchers in an increasingly regulatory world
Barr, Jillian - The Review of the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research 2007

Downing, Mandy - Institutional Barriers that Aboriginal Researchers Face when Conducting Human Research and Why it Needs to Change
, Lana - The Changing of the Arrangement of Ethics Meetings
Turnbull, Beverley - Turbulent water: Challenges and adaptations conduction PAR with diverse consortia partners and communities